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Meditation Guide

I enjoy creating dynamic and varied meditations that introduce meditators to tools from many sources, so they may create personalized practices that are nourishing for them. For almost three years I have hosted live digital meditations three times a week, followed by discussions and Sangha (community) building. 

My own practice and guidance is particularly inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh and Zen Buddhism, Davidji and ancient Vedic wisdom, mindfulness, energy medicine, and dialectical behavior therapy. As someone with physical and mental disabilities, I strive to make meditation accessible so every individual can learn basic tools for self care and self transformation. 

Ray in Flowers

Meditation Appropriate for Beginners from Jan 2023

Covering Awareness, Breath, and The Stages of Meditation

(downloadable recordings available for sliding-sale donation on Bandcamp)

Meditation for BeginnersRay
00:00 / 36:35

2023 Live Meditation Sample - Unedited Audio



Please reach out using the 



if you have interest in


  • joining group meditations on Zoom (available 4x/week), sliding scale $0+/session

  • participating in multi-day/month long courses/classes, sliding scale $TBD

  • one-on-one personalized meditation on Zoom or in Brooklyn, sliding scale $30+

  • Click Below for recordings of more recent meditations, sliding scale generally $15+

All donations directly support my livelihood and the ability to create and offer more meditations. If you are in a relatively stable financial position, please consider donating more than the minimum.

While I cannot currently offer recordings and courses for free, if you do not have funds,

please join the live sessions for free (or less than $15).

(Donations for Live Sessions accepted through Venmo, Zelle, Cash, or Check)

Information on Live Zoom Sessions

  • 40 Minute Sessions

  • Sunday 9:30am, Tuesday 8:30am, Wednesday 7:30am, Thursday 6:30pm

  • Many people only make it once a month (or less), so there is space for those with busy lives, changing schedules, and fluctuating health

  • Plenty of people attend regularly and consistently, so there is also space for those ready to really dive into their meditation practice

  • There is an Optional Discussion that takes place 10 minutes after the meditation ends (using the same Zoom link)

  • If you sign up through the contact page, you will receive alerts, directly from me, about whether the meditation is on or off, through your choice of either Text, Email, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram


“I am so grateful for Ray Johnson’s guided meditation groups. The sessions are offered three times a week, they are the perfect length (40 min.), and Ray conducts them in a thoughtful, compassionate, and professional manner, quietly and calmly, allowing the participants all the room necessary for any individual needs. The sessions are on zoom, which is extremely helpful to me as is the flexibility — participants are not obligated to commit to any particular number of sessions in advance. I always look forward to the opportunity to observe silence, stillness, and breath with a group of like-minded people at least once a week.” —Thomas Keith

Experience and Training

  • Reiki III Master Practitioner

  • Over three years of daily meditation practice and over seven years of exploring deep healing through DBT and mindfulness (including multi-month long DBT intensives)

  • Almost 3 years of group-guidance, teaching, and Sangha discussion 

  • Davidji Mindshift Community Member (includes attendance of webinars with Iive interaction)

  • Avid Thich Nhat Hanh reader

  • Active Insight Timer member, consistently deepening and expanding my practice with new and routine teachings 

    • Favorite teachers include Davidji, Ajahn Achalo (lineage of Ven Ajahn Chah), Tony Brady, Bhante Sujatha The LovingKindness Monk, Jack Kornfield, Alex Elle, Justin Michael Williams, Jennifer Peircy, Julie Murphy Yogaressa

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