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I'm a trained actor, musician, and visual artist based in New York City, originally hailing from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I completed my degree in Acting in the International Performance Ensemble at Pace University and am constantly creating an array of new work. I am non-binary and transmasculine (they/them he/him) and am comfortable portraying cis men, trans men, non-binary folx, and women on stage or screen.

Since a very young age I've been creating, whether composing pieces on the piano, writing lyrical songs to be played with the guitar, creating detailed fantasy worlds, or drawing intricate doodles. My original piano album godview was released in 2015, I'm currently playing folk and jazz tunes with my duo Willowdell (@willowdellduo), and an original folk EP is set to release soon. I recently spent a summer teaching myself about tectonic plates and biomes in order to design plausible fantasy maps, for fun. I practice qigong and tai chi daily. 

I moved to New York to study devised theatre and acting, and to develop work that inspires social change by catalyzing changes within individual audience members. I'm drawn to creating stories about misunderstood minorities, particularly narratives around queer life and people living with mental illness. Although I dearly miss the proximity to nature in my hometown, I've been thriving in a city so full of opportunities for me to combine my many creative passions.