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I am a classically trained actor, songwriter, musician, voice over performer, and visual artist based in Brooklyn. I completed my degree in Acting and Ensemble Creation of Theatre in the International Performance Ensemble at Pace University, where I created dozens of new theatrical pieces with consistently changing groups. Throughout 2024, I am in the process of attaining a Certificate in Devising Theatre for Social Justice from Fringe Benefits.

I’ve held the role of actor, playwright, songwriter, musician, director, assistant director, props designer, and producer in the myriad of created works since arriving in New York in 2015. 

I am non-binary and a transgender man, and I am comfortable playing cis men, trans men, non-binary people, and women. I am a meditation guide, reiki master practitioner, and Qigong / Tai Chi practitioner. I naturally bring a queer and healing element into everything I create, as I’m eager to dispel the myth of the binary and to touch hearts through explorative and moving new works. 

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