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Meditation Guide

I enjoy creating dynamic and varied meditations that introduce meditators to tools from many sources, so they may create personalized practices that are nourishing for them. For the last two years I have hosted live digital meditations three times a week, followed by discussions and Sangha (community) building. 

My own practice and guidance is particularly inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh and Zen Buddhism, Davidji and ancient Vedic wisdom, mindfulness, energy medicine, and dialectical behavior therapy. As someone with physical and mental disabilities, I strive to make meditation accessible so every individual can learn basic tools for self care and self transformation. 

Ray in Flowers

Meditation Appropriate for Beginners from Jan 2023

Covering Awareness, Breath, and The Stages of Meditation

(higher audio-quality and recordings available for sliding-sale donation)

Meditation for BeginnersRay
00:00 / 36:35

2023 Live Meditation Sample - Unedited Audio

Experience and Training

  • Reiki III Master Practitioner

  • Over two years of daily meditation practice and over six years of exploring deep healing through DBT and mindfulness (including multi-month long DBT intensives)

  • Over two years of group-guidance, teaching, and Sangha discussion 

  • Davidji Mindshift Community Member (includes attendance of webinars with Iive interaction)

  • Avid Thich Nhat Hanh reader

  • Active Insight Timer member, consistently deepening and expanding my practice with new and routine teachings

    • Favorite teachers include Davidji, Ajahn Achalo (lineage of Ven Ajahn Chah), Tony Brady, Bhante Sujatha The LovingKindness Monk, Jack Kornfield, Alex Elle, Julie Murphy Yogaressa

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